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One of the most impor

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The end will do utmost and in no case let

he aggression that hold up Mongolia battalion in the ornamental instrument door?The end will do utmost and in no case let the mongols step into capital city half to tread!Is very good!The dynasty of Zhu Qi Yu this force will order to nod,wedding dresses and then say,cheap wedding dresses Sun Tang can at!End will at!Just made change clean clothes of whole body,wedding dresses the wound hadn't come yet and tied up good Sun Tang to stand out.I increase for you to send 10,discount wedding dresses000 soldiers,wedding dresses in addition 10,wedding dresses000 fire gun the soldier is ambushed to soil city inside,wedding dresses such as if Mongolia the battalion get into soil city,discount wedding dresses see yours!End aim!Fan widely can at?End will at!You lead 3,wedding dresses000 soldier of ridings and keep a door to outside await your instruction in the west,cheap wedding dresses after seeing signal,wedding dresses immediately lead soldier impact Mongolia the troops' side wing,wedding dresses slice to hate,wedding dresses can not be light-minded to make track for shot, if Mongolia the battalion fold a body to return,wedding dresses lead toward the soil city direction it!End aim!At the Qian!Zhu Qi Yu's vision left sand dish and fell soldier's department still in the body of book, tomorrow you restructure a dark secrets camp,wedding dresses and other each ones guard a soldier, such as if Mongolia battalion at take the offensive ornamental instrument door not dint,wedding dresses turn to fight other each of time, Be about to depend you!The his majesty trusts, the tiny minister by all means devotes to make greatest efforts!Like, temporary get here.Everyone struggles hard the first and takes a rest earlier today, tomorrow, will be greatly clear with Mongolia of the day of decisive battle!Zhu Qi Yu at to the judgment of the battlefield situation the top is it may be said very accurate.On the second day, sky just bright, Mongolia battalion have already appeared at the ornamental instrument door was outside.However, make the mongols very surprised BE, this originally defendoofs a weak city gate outside and unexpectedly comes together tens of thousands clear soldiers, and embattled!Also is also very surprising first,he thinks what all drive the
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people war then the Wu doesn't fight

e is also a reason in of wanting and at the beginning counting 100,wedding dresses000 clear soldiers are still different in the flashing fortress drive tens of thousands Mongolia ride a soldier to beat the fallen petal flowing water even did emperors captive!However being not all Koreans would like to do a Wu country Nu and day the Kou party in government is fresh 3,cheap wedding dresses000 inside river the clusters of criminal acts committed by mountain finally also encourage the holdout will of having Korean armed forces and people.To Korean armed forces and people war then the Wu doesn't fight a Wu result also is similar that to still rather put together one war of dying!Also after the day Kou invaded Korea soon Korea still celebrate a way proper rather county civilian's hero-young scholar Guo bless again.Is this person although is a young scholar however the Xi was martial since the childhood.When the day Kou kills to go into his motherland Guo again blessed to don't hestitate ground to take out money in the home to all enlist volunteer holdout Japan's Imperial Army to invade!The so-called little spark can cause conflagration Guo the whole Korea after blessing again to raise righteousness a soldier in succession respond to successively and rise of still have Zheng Ren Hong gold river gold handsome people,wedding dresses Sun Ren Jia,discount wedding dresses ,wedding dresses Zhao Xian Seng,wedding dresses work properly Gui etc. these people in the center current civilian the cloth dress also have patriotic officer Shen to even still have a house monk.After these people organize start revolution a soldier the everywhere assaults the Kou in day mainly to wage guerrilla warfare a war after enemy.The gross profit Hui that for example invades to still celebrate a way dollar Anne from minister in large unit house country temple Hui Qiong's experienced soldier on the way suffer suddenly assault bare-headed almost be beaten one sparse Ba Lan.Invade whole Luo's way of small the Chuan Long view large unit early invade a pure way of loyalty of the black farmland grow a governme
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Korean volunteer army to come

.The Anne state overwhelming victory Japan's Imperial Army suffered the troops that serious wound invades dynasty Japan's Imperial Army to drop into valley bottom after and along with large numbers of clear soldiers go into toward battling Korean volunteer army morale greatly flap and strengthened in succession to the raid activity that invades.It is exactly also the raid activity of Korean volunteer army to come to a Gao Shui Chao when both parties of tomorrow sit down to negotiate.Japan's Imperial Army the first invaded dynasty troops at that time left 40,wedding dresses000 bearers although plentiful minister show Ji urgently adjusted to send one to prepare a brigade pass by however invade dynasty the Japan's Imperial Army also only had few myriad people.The Japan's Imperial Army removing in the troops of Huang Zhou front line defense outside truely canning throw in rear to round Korean volunteer army of Jiao however 30,cheap wedding dresses000 people!Face 30,wedding dresses000 Japan's Imperial Army in the ocean of Korean people's war although equiping an excellent battle is brave and abnormality of cruelty however still only can guard some greatly medium city and transportation main route basically can not start to organize strength to carry on rounding Jiao to Korean volunteer army in the mountain area!And also positive because of the stubborn combat Japan's Imperial Army of Korean volunteer army have to several the troops who will originally should deploy at Huang Zhou adjust to send rear to crack down on Korean volunteer army.Certainly the result that day soldier finally establishes at Huang Zhou of the defense line was very weak the composing even hasing no Pyongyang that troops defends to the clear soldier to threaten!The activity of Korean volunteer army is to a great extent that helping fresh north of clear soldier party in government of backstroke however at that time fame louder and clear Korean troops then Korean famous general Korean water soldier led by Li Shun Chen!Li Shun Chen is water stanza degree
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equally need time here clearly!

d on the other hand he wants to pass again with the way negotiating for peace procrastinate the step of clear soldier for he win time of preparation!Certainly turn over to see greatly to also equally need time here clearly!The clear soldier really was inflicted a heavy losses on even of this Wei to take more than 70,wedding dresses000 troops and horseses into the dynasty as a result Anne's state a war lost half of near troopses and great commander Wei widely return a body negative severely wounded perhaps hereafter all ascend not battlefield!When in the Qian received the war bulletin of the state overwhelming victory of Anne after at the Qian is one pleased one sorrow.The step that the pleased that day soldier goes up north is finally held up and still inflicts a heavy losses on Japan's Imperial Army to break the myth that the Japan's Imperial Army can not win to make the Japan's Imperial Army have no dint to continue north to invade.The that day soldier of sorrow didn't withdraw Korea obviously is activelying parepare for war and clear soldier main force still just beyond the frontier now party in government freshly also more than 40,cheap wedding dresses000 troops and horseses if the day Kou was fast to resume real strenght to go up north once again that has no so cope with!At this time in Qian batch the order that received Zhu Qi Yu let he as far as possible the party in government is Mongolia fresh to procrastinate time to wait until to quell after the emperor would lead a soldier to return!Obviously stay to only have 1 at the choice of Qian in addition to actively parepare for war he has to want to think a way to allow the Japan's Imperial Army to give up take the offensive even if is let Korean the big section of country temporarily fall into enemy hands that have to also want to endure want ~only Zhu Qi Yu rate the soldier return to the whole problems all solution!Want to be after settling this idea to immediately convene at the Qian cabinet meeting to do understand to release to own decision a
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Army to deliver to Korea to go to moreover

However the problem is still very obvious of leave of several ten thousand Japan's Imperial Army's affirmation can not continue to go up north.But want to re- gather troops to move to lately take the offensive this to need momentary half of very various preparation to will basically can not do it!Finally plentiful minister show Ji this Japanese monkey being deceitful did decision.First he knits farmland letter for superior long wrote to seal letter to on the other hand and greatly blow some kind of Japan's Imperial Army's party in governments fresh obtained annihilation of Korean troops' number 100,wedding dresses000 this didn't be false).Inflict a heavy losses on a clear soldier main force to annihilate a clear soldier to count 100,cheap wedding dresses000 great results in battles to on the other hand also make clear Japan's Imperial Army dead and injured to miserably weigh to need to increase a soldier to let to knit farmland letter to grow to send more troops and horseses to him.Immediately after he organizes the water soldier of house in the island with quickest degree will to Ma Dao of 40,wedding dresses000 originally was responsible for logistic Japan's Imperial Army to deliver to Korea to go to moreover still deliver a batch of supplieses to make much more pleased show house's party in government of Yu fresh abidance by to need to be aided in the past.It is here to adjust another Korean defense line to press more troopses to Huang Zhou's front line to prepare the aggression that resists a clear soldier.The third sends to the water soldier of island house to take the offensive Korean water soldier to break through the sea passage covers a ground troops battle and guards against clear soldier navy from the side wing war.Certainly this is just strategy for gaining time.The fourth immediately sends to make to go to greatly clearly with greatly negotiate for peace clearly!Obviously this plentiful minister show the Ji is on the other hand really a very deceitful monkey he at do aggressive war to prepare moreover an
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Yu however be be good at armchair strategist emperor

one eye and said according to do at the meaning of the adult,wedding dresses however have a next time again,cheap wedding dresses I in no case light Rao!Thank his majesty!Stone Heng which dare to hesitate,wedding dresses immediately come out to thank for favor.Like,discount wedding dresses the stone young tiger still keeps returning the stone Heng general conductor,wedding dresses we first the battle of the elucidation sky deploy!Zhu Qi Yu pulled topic back,wedding dresses he didn't care the feeling of this matter of stone Heng.Tomorrow,wedding dresses if Mongolia the battalion take the offensive to manifest an instrument door,discount wedding dresses we have to concentrate the troops on the hand and give it serious wound,wedding dresses the setback also beat the plan of capital city first.Now,cheap wedding dresses I fight a forepart office!Till this time,wedding dresses the energies of owner all gathered.Passed by on fighting today,wedding dresses Zhu Qi Yu would get at the troops the position in the heart have already consumedly raised.Formely,wedding dresses it was many to will get to all think Zhu Qi Yu however be be good at armchair strategist emperor, however,wedding dresses kept a door to experience Zhu Qi Yu to lead a soldier to assault in the west today of will get to all understand 1:00, this emperor not only is only good at battling deployment,wedding dresses but also is good at more to lead soldier's battle!If have no bodyguard whom he launches to assault, before the soldier of riding of stone Heng arrives to,wedding dresses the west kept affirmation to fall!This lets many people Zhu Qi Yu with become Zu clearly Zhu Di contact at will get together saw became the shadow of the Zu in those early years on Zhu Qi Yu's body!Stone Heng can at!End will at!You the rate soldier is ambushed to soil city northern side, still take three rockets as signal, after seeing signal, immediately lead a soldier to kill, intercept Mongolia battalion road, slicing can not release mongols!End aim!Wu Xing can at!End will at!The row is exactly the great commander that is responsible for an ornamental instrument door Wu Xing .I give your 30,000 soldiers, the fire rifleman of in addition one part of dark secrets camps, do you have confidence in t
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