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Army to deliver to Korea to go to moreover

However the problem is still very obvious of leave of several ten thousand Japan's Imperial Army's affirmation can not continue to go up north.But want to re- gather troops to move to lately take the offensive this to need momentary half of very various preparation to will basically can not do it!Finally plentiful minister show Ji this Japanese monkey being deceitful did decision.First he knits farmland letter for superior long wrote to seal letter to on the other hand and greatly blow some kind of Japan's Imperial Army's party in governments fresh obtained annihilation of Korean troops' number 100,wedding dresses000 this didn't be false).Inflict a heavy losses on a clear soldier main force to annihilate a clear soldier to count 100,cheap wedding dresses000 great results in battles to on the other hand also make clear Japan's Imperial Army dead and injured to miserably weigh to need to increase a soldier to let to knit farmland letter to grow to send more troops and horseses to him.Immediately after he organizes the water soldier of house in the island with quickest degree will to Ma Dao of 40,wedding dresses000 originally was responsible for logistic Japan's Imperial Army to deliver to Korea to go to moreover still deliver a batch of supplieses to make much more pleased show house's party in government of Yu fresh abidance by to need to be aided in the past.It is here to adjust another Korean defense line to press more troopses to Huang Zhou's front line to prepare the aggression that resists a clear soldier.The third sends to the water soldier of island house to take the offensive Korean water soldier to break through the sea passage covers a ground troops battle and guards against clear soldier navy from the side wing war.Certainly this is just strategy for gaining time.The fourth immediately sends to make to go to greatly clearly with greatly negotiate for peace clearly!Obviously this plentiful minister show the Ji is on the other hand really a very deceitful monkey he at do aggressive war to prepare moreover an
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Letzte Einträge: Yu however be be good at armchair strategist emperor, equally need time here clearly!, Korean volunteer army to come, people war then the Wu doesn't fight, The end will do utmost and in no case let


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