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d on the other hand he wants to pass again with the way negotiating for peace procrastinate the step of clear soldier for he win time of preparation!Certainly turn over to see greatly to also equally need time here clearly!The clear soldier really was inflicted a heavy losses on even of this Wei to take more than 70,wedding dresses000 troops and horseses into the dynasty as a result Anne's state a war lost half of near troopses and great commander Wei widely return a body negative severely wounded perhaps hereafter all ascend not battlefield!When in the Qian received the war bulletin of the state overwhelming victory of Anne after at the Qian is one pleased one sorrow.The step that the pleased that day soldier goes up north is finally held up and still inflicts a heavy losses on Japan's Imperial Army to break the myth that the Japan's Imperial Army can not win to make the Japan's Imperial Army have no dint to continue north to invade.The that day soldier of sorrow didn't withdraw Korea obviously is activelying parepare for war and clear soldier main force still just beyond the frontier now party in government freshly also more than 40,cheap wedding dresses000 troops and horseses if the day Kou was fast to resume real strenght to go up north once again that has no so cope with!At this time in Qian batch the order that received Zhu Qi Yu let he as far as possible the party in government is Mongolia fresh to procrastinate time to wait until to quell after the emperor would lead a soldier to return!Obviously stay to only have 1 at the choice of Qian in addition to actively parepare for war he has to want to think a way to allow the Japan's Imperial Army to give up take the offensive even if is let Korean the big section of country temporarily fall into enemy hands that have to also want to endure want ~only Zhu Qi Yu rate the soldier return to the whole problems all solution!Want to be after settling this idea to immediately convene at the Qian cabinet meeting to do understand to release to own decision a
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Letzte Einträge: Yu however be be good at armchair strategist emperor, Army to deliver to Korea to go to moreover, Korean volunteer army to come, people war then the Wu doesn't fight, The end will do utmost and in no case let


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