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Korean volunteer army to come

.The Anne state overwhelming victory Japan's Imperial Army suffered the troops that serious wound invades dynasty Japan's Imperial Army to drop into valley bottom after and along with large numbers of clear soldiers go into toward battling Korean volunteer army morale greatly flap and strengthened in succession to the raid activity that invades.It is exactly also the raid activity of Korean volunteer army to come to a Gao Shui Chao when both parties of tomorrow sit down to negotiate.Japan's Imperial Army the first invaded dynasty troops at that time left 40,wedding dresses000 bearers although plentiful minister show Ji urgently adjusted to send one to prepare a brigade pass by however invade dynasty the Japan's Imperial Army also only had few myriad people.The Japan's Imperial Army removing in the troops of Huang Zhou front line defense outside truely canning throw in rear to round Korean volunteer army of Jiao however 30,cheap wedding dresses000 people!Face 30,wedding dresses000 Japan's Imperial Army in the ocean of Korean people's war although equiping an excellent battle is brave and abnormality of cruelty however still only can guard some greatly medium city and transportation main route basically can not start to organize strength to carry on rounding Jiao to Korean volunteer army in the mountain area!And also positive because of the stubborn combat Japan's Imperial Army of Korean volunteer army have to several the troops who will originally should deploy at Huang Zhou adjust to send rear to crack down on Korean volunteer army.Certainly the result that day soldier finally establishes at Huang Zhou of the defense line was very weak the composing even hasing no Pyongyang that troops defends to the clear soldier to threaten!The activity of Korean volunteer army is to a great extent that helping fresh north of clear soldier party in government of backstroke however at that time fame louder and clear Korean troops then Korean famous general Korean water soldier led by Li Shun Chen!Li Shun Chen is water stanza degree
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