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The end will do utmost and in no case let

he aggression that hold up Mongolia battalion in the ornamental instrument door?The end will do utmost and in no case let the mongols step into capital city half to tread!Is very good!The dynasty of Zhu Qi Yu this force will order to nod,wedding dresses and then say,cheap wedding dresses Sun Tang can at!End will at!Just made change clean clothes of whole body,wedding dresses the wound hadn't come yet and tied up good Sun Tang to stand out.I increase for you to send 10,discount wedding dresses000 soldiers,wedding dresses in addition 10,wedding dresses000 fire gun the soldier is ambushed to soil city inside,wedding dresses such as if Mongolia the battalion get into soil city,discount wedding dresses see yours!End aim!Fan widely can at?End will at!You lead 3,wedding dresses000 soldier of ridings and keep a door to outside await your instruction in the west,cheap wedding dresses after seeing signal,wedding dresses immediately lead soldier impact Mongolia the troops' side wing,wedding dresses slice to hate,wedding dresses can not be light-minded to make track for shot, if Mongolia the battalion fold a body to return,wedding dresses lead toward the soil city direction it!End aim!At the Qian!Zhu Qi Yu's vision left sand dish and fell soldier's department still in the body of book, tomorrow you restructure a dark secrets camp,wedding dresses and other each ones guard a soldier, such as if Mongolia battalion at take the offensive ornamental instrument door not dint,wedding dresses turn to fight other each of time, Be about to depend you!The his majesty trusts, the tiny minister by all means devotes to make greatest efforts!Like, temporary get here.Everyone struggles hard the first and takes a rest earlier today, tomorrow, will be greatly clear with Mongolia of the day of decisive battle!Zhu Qi Yu at to the judgment of the battlefield situation the top is it may be said very accurate.On the second day, sky just bright, Mongolia battalion have already appeared at the ornamental instrument door was outside.However, make the mongols very surprised BE, this originally defendoofs a weak city gate outside and unexpectedly comes together tens of thousands clear soldiers, and embattled!Also is also very surprising first,he thinks what all drive the
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